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Vattavada is a small, serene & misty village located around 170 kilometres from the Queen of the Arabian Sea. It is located at about 6,500ft above the sea-level & is known for its equable climate and jawdropping scenery. The slopes of the multi-coloured vegetable fields are dotted with various forest patches. There are a lot of rare butterfly species there, fluttering around in various colour & sizes.
Munnar is generally known for their slopes, rare fauna and a wonderful view of the valley. Vattavada, however, is known for its vegetables. These terraced slopes and valleys, located 45 km to the east of Munnar, contain some of the finest crops and produce in all of Kerala.
I was planning this ride for a while and thought that the best time to start the ride is on the 1st of this year. So, as planned and prepared, I started my ride from Ernakulam at 6:30 in the morning. As it was just hours after the new year, most of the roads were empty than the usual. It was a delight to ride through the nearly empty roads on the KTM 390 adventure on a misty day. The ride conditions were absolutely perfect and the KTM rolled like a dream.
I took pit-stops here and there to click some pics and to sip some hot tea along the way. There was slight rain in some parts of the journey and watching the rain by sipping a cup of hot coffee in a village cafe is something that is priceless. If you are into photography, then in almost every twist and turns you will find something to click. During such stops, some curious eyes always get stuck on my KTM Adventure. Some want to know its price & some others want to know about its performance and milage obviously. You will get a lot of attention while riding on something like this.
I stopped in Munnar Town for food and to click some pictures and then continued the ride. The twist and turns from Munnar to Vattavada can be called as a bikers paradise, especially when you are on a KTM. The bike handled effortlessly and perfectly. I reached the destination by 11:30.
You have to visit the place to know its beauty as some places cannot be expressed by mere words or some photographs. It's not advised to stay a long time after the evening because of the fog and the visibility problems that it brings along. So, after spending a couple of hours in there, clicking pictures and enjoying the scenery, I decided that its time to pack and ride back. 
Vattavada is one of the places that can be one of the jewels in our tourism map. These lands have a rich history and the tribals of the area attest to that. Their customs, art forms, natural remedies and way of life have intrigued people for centuries and add a distinctive flavour to the entire place.



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On : 26-02-2021 11:27:04

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On : 07-03-2021 17:03:04

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On : 11-03-2021 08:45:00

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